Data Transmission Systems (DTS) was founded in 1996 and has offices in Silicon Valley (USA), Tsukuba (Japan-Tsukuba is a sciences city) and Karachi. DTS is a leading Japanese company which is engaged in developing successful cutting-edge technologies both at national and international level. DTS deals in software as well as hardware solutions. The main aim of the developed products is to increase the performance of high- transaction internet and intranet servers. DTS provides systems that control data layer between storage and memory and provides performance which is 10-100 times better than the standard network and data transaction systems.  DTS has product line in high performance HDD and system security.

SEECS and DTS have jointly been working in the field of Semantic Security and have successfully released the first installable version of Semantic based Web Application Firewall (SWAF) in July 2010. This product was developed at SEECS and is under evaluation in customer premises in Japan. DTS also plans to set up a research and development center at SEECS.

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